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Available on the App Store Android App on Google Play For all other devices Web Version
http://ativ.me/7um http://ativ.me/7un http://ativ.me/nwcdc2015
No Apple or Android device?
No problem, type in http://ativ.me/nwcdc2015 in the address bar of your web browser to use the Web App.

What can you do with the Mobile App?
Build your personal daily agenda and plan each day in advance by selecting sessions and conference events from the schedule and/or program features. You can also add custom meeting times to your schedule for personal events with other attendees or exhibitors.
Receive real-time reminders and updates on the app’s Now screen — your source for important messages, session reminders and updates from the conference.
Find sessions, events, speakers and exhibitors easily by using the search, filters and map functions.
Create a custom list of exhibitors you’d like to visit in the Expo. Browse or search the list of exhibitors by keyword to find those you are interested in and use the to mark the exhibitor’s profile as a favorite. All starred items are easily exported via email.
Take notes directly in session, speaker and/or exhibitor profiles and easily export via email.
Backup notes in the cloud and synchronize across your devices when you create your own username and password for the app to enable its data synchronization feature. By creating an account, you ’ll be able to sync your notes, schedule, and starred items across multiple devices.
Tweet and view the #NWCDconf twitter feed directly from the app’s Now Screen.
Create a digital business card through the contacts feature and share via Bump when you have Wi-fi or by QR code when you don't.
Use the app’s QR code reader to quickly scan any QR codes you see throughout the conference.
Find things to do or see while in Las Vegas using the app’s Around Town feature.
User Tips
All items that use the to mark as a favorite or create notes in can be exported via email at anytime.
The filter function allows you to see only those items that you marked as a favorite or took notes in. When using the filter, be sure to turn the filter back off in order to view everything in its entirety once again.
Use the Schedule  view to look for empty time blocks in your day to help you maximize your time at the conference.
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