2016 Program Materials & Attendee List
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Nancy Calabrese Nancy Calabrese
Territory: Eastern U.S.
Phone: 702-228-3293
Email: ncalabrese@lrp.com

Lenore Higgins Lenore Higgins
Territory: Western U.S.
and Canada
Phone: 1-800-287-0257
ext. 8623
Email: lhiggins@lrp.com

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In addition to our standard sponsorship offerings you also get: Diamond
Your company’s full-color logo on the conference homepage
Your company's full-color logo on the cover of the 2016 Show Guide
Premium event-wide recognition with your company's full-color logo at the entrance to the exhibit floor and on a minimum of three professionally produced three-sided meter panel signs in strategic conference locations
Premium recognition on large video screens in advance of every General Session
Premium logo position on all direct mail pieces and print ads
Extra priority points for on-site booth pick for the 2017 event
Premium company profile and full-color logo in the NWCDC Mobile App and 2017 Show Guide 1200 characters 900 characters 450 characters
Additional full conference pass(es) for your organization’s employees — each valued at $1,545.00 4 passes 2 passes 1 pass
Full buyer passes for you to invite your best qualified customers to attend as full conference attendees — each valued at $1,545.00! 6 passes 5 passes 3 passes
Rotating 300 (w) x 250 (h) banner ad on the conference homepage  
1 pre-show email blast to registered attendees
Two page, full-color ad in the 2016 Show Guide
— a $5,395.00 value!
Full-page, full-color ad in the 2016 Show Guide
— a $3,395.00 value!
Unlimited staff passes for your booth  
Sponsorships can increase traffic to your booth by 100%!

Along with increased exposure and the benefits specific to the sponsorship you choose, conference sponsorships come with:

  • Your full-color logo on the cover of more than 300,000 conference brochures if reserved by July 14, 2016, plus all print ads, the conference website and NWCDC Mobile App before, during and after the show — totaling more than 1 million impressions if you act quickly!
  • Event-wide recognition with your company’s full-color logo at the entrance to the exhibit floor and on a minimum of three professionally produced three-sided meter panel signs in strategic conference locations
  • Recognition on large video screens in advance of every General Session
  • Your company’s logo and a link to your company’s website featured on the Sponsors page of www.WCConference.com
  • Your company’s full-color logo featured prominently in the 2016 Show Guide
  • One FREE mailing list of pre-registered attendees for one-time postal use — enabling you to drive traffic to your booth before the show even begins — an $800.00 value!
  • One FREE full conference registration — a $1,545.00 value!
  • Extra priority points for on-site booth selection for the 2017 event
  • First right to the same sponsorship in 2017
2016 Conference Sponsorship Opportunities
Click on the sponsorship below for description.

Attendee Bags - SOLD $25,000

The first item spoken for almost every year. Each full conference attendee receives a top quality bag, which you choose from a selection of designs, that is imprinted with your two-color logo and the conference logo. This sponsorship provides great exposure long after the event has ended as attendees take the bags home to use.

Shuttle Service - SOLD $24,000

Stay on the minds of attendees as they travel between the conference hotels and the Convention Center each day! Sponsor the Shuttle Bus to be the company attendees have their eyes on as they travel to and from the conference. A banner with your logo will be prominently placed on the side of each bus, as well as a headrest cover with your logo placed over each seat.

Wednesday Luncheon $20,000

Your company will take center stage at an event attended by virtually every conference attendee! We’ll recognize you from the podium and on the Mobile App, and provide signage that will be seen by the audience when they enter. Plus, you’ll get the exclusive opportunity to have your 60-second video played during lunch. If you’d like to add a personal touch, your staff can greet attendees at the door. Take it a step further, and have your staff hand out a promotional item as a gift to attendees or simply have your promotional items placed on tables near the door. This high-profile event will give your company some of the best visibility available at this year’s conference. Additionally, you’ll receive 10 passes for your booth staff to attend the luncheon.

Official Conference

Benefit from exposure at the conference and for years to come! This premium quality t-shirt, given to all full conference attendees, will feature your full-color artwork prominently displayed on the back with the conference logo on the front. Plus, you get to pick the color of the t-shirt. This is a great way to continue to spread your message well after the conference as attendees take the t-shirts to their homes all across the country to wear again and again

Fruit Infuser Water Bottles $17,000

You pick the color of the lid and bottle and we’ll place your one-color logo along with the conference logo on re-usable infuser water bottles provided to full conference attendees when they check-in. Then we’ll provide signage to instruct attendees to visit your booth to fill their bottles with cool water and infuse it with fruit you provide. You’ll maintain high visibility even after the conference, as attendees carry this in-demand item wherever they go.


Badge Inserts - SOLD $16,500

Have a new product to announce? A reliable brand to draw attention to? A great booth promotion? Put every attendee badge to work for you! We’ll give your logo prominent placement on the badge itself. Then, spread your custom message by providing an advertisement card we’ll insert with each badge. Extending above the badge holder, the inserts instantly get eyeballs on your quick-hit message. Double-side it and double your exposure, as your ad shows through the back of each badge’s clear protective cover — ensuring that attendees can’t miss your message!

Badge Lanyards - SOLD $16,500

This always-on-display item is a high-visibility opportunity to increase the awareness of your company at the show. We reproduce your logo on both sides of the lanyards that everyone wears to hold their name badges.

Box Lunch in Expo Hall (Thurs.) $15,000

Just about every conference attendee picks up their box lunch. We’ll insert the promotional piece that you provide in all of the “lunch boxes” so that everyone receives one. Plus, we’ll recognize you on the Mobile App and in a tweet before the lunch as well as supply signs that no one will miss! Further your exposure by providing napkins and cups with your company’s logo

Mobile App $13,500

Put your company at the attendees’ fingertips before, during and after the conference as they use the app for all the session and exhibitor information. You’ll be prominently recognized as the Mobile App sponsor with your company’s full-color logo integrated into the app. It all adds up to several months of prime exposure!

Charging Station - SOLD $12,000

Your branding will be prominently displayed on a centrally located charging station used by attendees to charge their smartphones all 3 days of the conference.

Registration Area - SOLD $12,000

Your company’s logo will be one of the first things attendees see as we include your full-color logo on the kick panels of the registration units as well as on a backdrop behind where they pick up their credentials — giving you the first big visibility of any company participating in the event.

Expo Map - SOLD $11,000

This 34" x 22" fold-up map of the Expo Hall, with the list of exhibitors, is given to all Expo attendees to help them navigate the show floor. Your company’s booth will be highlighted on the map and exhibitor listing, your full-color ad will fill the entire back side, and your company logo will be prominently displayed on the piece as the sponsor.

Audio Visual - SOLD $10,000

Here’s a sponsorship that will have your logo in front of attendees throughout the entire conference! A full-color sign with your company’s logo will be the first thing people see as they enter every one of the session meeting rooms. Plus, your logo will appear on screens before every General Session. It all amounts to more than 30 “mini” sponsorships — a great value.

Session Notepads - SOLD $9,000

We’ll place the notepads that you provide on tables at the General Sessions and at the entrance to each session room throughout the event. Attendees will use them to take notes during the sessions and won’t be able to miss your marketing message as they write!

Wi-Fi in Session Rooms - SOLD $9,000

As the official Wi-Fi sponsor, you’ll keep everyone connected while on-the-go. Attendees will be redirected to your URL keeping your company name and products directly in front of everyone.

Attendee Cyber Café - SOLD $7,500

We’ll set up 4 workstations where attendees can surf the web and check their email. The web browser will default to your company’s homepage and we’ll produce a full-color sign recognizing you as the sponsor. Bring mouse pads with your company’s logo for added exposure in the individual workstations.

Schedule of Events $7,500/day
Wed. - SOLD

Your logo and marketing message will be prominently featured when you provide your 7.5" (w) x 2" (h) full-color ad to be included on the flyer listing the next day’s schedule, which will be delivered to attendees’ guest rooms at the official conference hotels each evening. Plus, you’re guaranteed to be the top flyer so yours is the first brand attendees see as they plan their day.

Exhibitor Lounge $7,000

Are you marketing to the exhibitors? If so, then this is the sponsorship for you. Get your message in front of our exhibitors as they head into this lounge, stocked with beverages and snacks. Tables and chairs are provided, so be sure to bring literature that exhibitors can browse through as they take a break from the show floor.

Registration Pens - SOLD $7,000

Have your branded pens be the only ones used at registration! Simply provide your company pens and you'll gain early exposure to attendees at check-in and continuous exposure as they carry your pens with them throughout the conference.

Online Program Materials $6,500

Sponsor the program materials which are made available online and you’ll gain exposure that lasts well after the event. We’ll print a full-color insert with your company’s logo distributed to attendees with the password to access all the materials from the event. Then your interstitial ad will run each time attendees access the program materials for months after the event.

Dessert Break in Expo (Wed.) - SOLD $6,500

Link your company’s name to an event that everyone enjoys — a complimentary dessert in the Expo following Wednesday’s luncheon. We’ll produce signage, post to the Mobile App and send out a tweet thanking your company for satisfying every attendee’s sweet tooth. By providing napkins and coffee cups with your logo, you can add to the name recognition this event will provide.


Refreshment Breaks
Wed. AM
Wed. PM - SOLD
Thurs. AM - SOLD
$6,500 each

Attendees will be sure to thank you for providing a well-deserved break between sessions. Plus, your company will be recognized as the break sponsor on the Mobile App and in a tweet sent out right before the break. We’ll produce and prominently display signs with your logo at several food and beverage stations in the Expo Hall. Further your exposure by providing cups and napkins with your logo as well as promotional material at the tables.

Wed. -
Thurs. -
$6,000 Wed.
and/or Thurs.
$5,000 Fri.

Get the attendees off to a great start — and get them thinking about your company first thing in the morning. Each breakfast will feature your company’s logo prominently displayed on professionally produced signs near many food and beverage stations. Plus, your company will be recognized as the breakfast sponsor on the Mobile App and in a tweet sent out that morning. Send us napkins and cups with your logo to increase your visibility! You’ll receive four passes for your booth staff to attend each breakfast you sponsor.

Audience Polling $5,000

Your company will be front and center in the Opening Keynote when you sponsor the system that allows attendees to vote on questions posed by the Conference Chair. Your full-color logo will appear on the session’s video screens during the polling, and we’ll provide signage at the entrance to the session room.

Expo Hall Aisle

We incorporate your company’s logo with the show logo on a full-color drop-down aisle sign in the Expo Hall. It’s a great way to get your name in front of attendees as they navigate the show. The Expo features 24 opportunities to sponsor an aisle sign. Call for multiple aisle sponsorship discounts.

2016 Enhanced On-Site Branding Sponsorships
Branding sponsors receive the same deliverables as Conference Sponsorships except for Pre-Show Mailing List and free full conference registration.
Click on the branding sponsorship below for description.

Double-Sided Hanging Banner $13,000

We’ll produce your 6' x 8' full-color banner that will be prominently displayed in a high traffic area. A great way to increase your visibility at the show! Call for details on where your banner will hang. Includes the cost of the banner which you can take home to use again!

Hotel Flyer Guest Room Drop $13,000 (Flyer & Gift)
$9,500 (Flyer Only)

You provide the flyer which will be included in a clear bag delivered to the two official conference hotels  on the evening you choose. What a great way to greet attendees — and guarantee they’ll have you in mind when they hit the show floor. Want to add a gift? No problem!

Hotel Key Cards - SOLD $12,000

Room keys are used by attendees multiple times every day, so make sure your logo and message are on the official conference hotels’ key cards. We’ll produce key cards with your artwork so you keep your company in front of attendees from check-in to check-out.

Escalator Runners - SOLD $9,500

With this sponsorship, attendees are sure to see your message all day long as they use the escalators to get to all the session rooms. We’ll produce large clings with your full-color artwork and attach them to the metal runners that span the entire length of the escalator so attendees see your company’s message each time they use or even just pass by the escalator.

Hotel Guest Room Video (2 days) $9,000

This sponsorship is the perfect way to get your message in front of attendees in their rooms before they start their day and long after conference hours have ended. Your video ad will appear on a dedicated TV channel seen by all the attendees staying at the two official conference hotels.

Column Wraps $8,500 12' Square Unit (Large)
$8,000 8' Square Unit (Small)
$5,500 8' Curved Unit

Increase your visibility by placing your company’s full-color artwork on a wrap that we produce on one of the convention center’s columns. Space is limited so make sure you reserve yours today to get the best placement.

Column Banners $8,000

Place your company’s full-color artwork (vertical graphic orientation is recommended) on a vinyl banner that wraps around one convention center column standing more than 14' high. Plus, after the conference, you can take it home to use again! Reserve now to get the best placement — space is limited.

Opening General Session Video Advertising $8,000 each

This sponsorship is sure to grab the attendees’ attention right from the start of the conference! Simply provide a video, up to 60 seconds in length, and it will run as the attendees are waiting for the Opening General Session to begin. Hurry … limited to three companies.

Expo Hall Carpet Decals $7,500

Eye-catching and hard to miss! Place your artwork strategically on the main walkways of the Expo Hall. We’ll adhere six of your decals (approximately 4' x 4') to the Expo’s carpeted aisles in high traffic areas. A great way to reach attendees as they tour the Expo Hall! You provide the artwork and we’ll do the rest.

Lighted Sign $6,500

Make your company’s logo and message stand out. We’ll produce this full-color sign and place it in a prime location that attendees frequently pass. Plus, a back light gives your sign an extra glow, making it even harder for attendees to miss.

Escalator Floor Cling - SOLD $4,000

We’ll adhere a large decal 16' (w) x 4' (h) at the bottom of the escalator where attendees will immediately see your message as they go to and from the meeting rooms. Simply provide the artwork and we’ll do the rest.

Double-Sided Meter Board $3,750

Your company’s message will truly be on display with this 38.5" (w) x 93" (h) double-sided sign. Placed in a key high traffic location, this sign is sure to draw attention to your company and booth.

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